Icon "Virgin of Kazan"

Workshop of St. Anthony

  • $50.00

This is the reproduction of a famous icon "Virgin of Kazan".  The Icon of the Virgin appeared in Kazan in 1579. According to legend, she was found by a little girl in the soil. And in this place, a monastery was built. Unfortunately, the original icon was lost. In front of the Icon “Virgin of Kazan”, pray for the healing of severe and incurable spiritual and physical ailments, intercession for the family, for help in difficult circumstances of life, protection of the house from attacks of enemies.

Size 6.7’’ х 9’’ (17cm х 23cm)

Size 9’’ х 13’’ (23cm х 33cm)

Size 13’’ х 18’’ (33cm х 46cm)

HANDMADE. The thickness of wood 2 cm (0.79’’)

Made In Ukraine.




The icon is created on a traditional wooden base and set a chalk-based natural glue (levkas). Afterward, the iconographer, using natural paints, transcribes the blessed image which is an exact copy of the original. Upon completion of the transcription, a few finishing touches are incorporated giving the icon a truly ancient appearance. Thanks to this technique, natural cracks begin to appear on the icons, replicating original icon of the medieval period.

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