Icon "Saint Vasily the Great"

Workshop of St. Anthony

  • $50.00

This is a copy of the ancient Ukrainian icons of St. Vasil the Great, (XVIth). Saving in the museum of Sianok, Poland.

Since ancient times, a child is called by the name of the saint, who is a guardian throughout his life. Since then, there is a tradition - godparents give the newborn an icon. The icon is with the child, and later with an adult person, through the life, and it is not only a remembrance of the godparents, but also a pleasant reminder of joyful childhood.

Size 6.7’’ х 9’’ (17cm х 23cm)

Size 9’’ х 13’’ (23cm х 33cm)

Size 13’’ х 18’’ (33cm х 46cm)

HANDMADE. The thickness of wood 2 cm (0.79’’)

Made In Ukraine.




The icon is created on a traditional wooden base and set a chalk-based natural glue (levkas). Afterward, the iconographer, using natural paints, transcribes the blessed image which is an exact copy of the original. Upon completion of the transcription, a few finishing touches are incorporated giving the icon a truly ancient appearance. Thanks to this technique, natural cracks begin to appear on the icons, replicating original icon of the medieval period.

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